Cool Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Hiding Ideas

Ho ho ho! Santa has sent one of his elves to see how your little ones are behaving this holiday season. And that swift little elf is always getting into trouble and hiding in cool places! (That elf must be pretty clever!) Below are FIVE cool, creative ideas for your mischievous elf:

Open up ALL of the cabinet/pantry doors in the kitchen and knock over the napkin holder on the table. You think your kitchen is normally messy? Just wait until you elf-shelf-ideassee this one! Your elf could be found under a pile of pots and pans sleeping after his/her eventful night.

  1. Squirt out a puddle of shaving cream and hand your hilarious elf its very own shaver.
  2. Get out the games from the game closet! It’s clear what your elf did all night long – played board games, card games, allll the games.
  3. Your elf found the underwear drawers! Hang them up on the Christmas tree, on the mantle, or throw them all around the house…this could very quickly turn into a scavenger hunt for all of your lost kids’ underwear. Mom/Dad: “That elf did what??? He emptied out your whole drawer?? Well, where did he put them all? Now we have to find them!”
  4. Books galore. Your elf loves to read! Take all of the books off the book shelf and make quite the messy, colorful pile.

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