Elf on a Shelf – Ideas for Hiding the Little Fellows

Winter Holidays are here again and that brings Santa’s helpers with it. The classic Elf on The Shelf tradition of hiding a doll around the home to be found is a creative exercise for families every year. Newcomers and elf-hiding veterans alike may be running low on ideas from time to time, so here are some ideas from us and others.

From Twitter, here are three favorites we gathered from last year.

@LitterboxComics “found” her elf picking sides in another classic American tradition. Cheering from the sidelines of a heated boxing match and supporting the red Rockem’ Sockem’ Robot, of course.

@jabeard2693 treated his elf to a little s’mores outing with friends. All the elves are getting cozy by the low-lit flame of a candle, with mini marshmallows on wooden cooking skewers. All that’s missing is a little hot chocolate. Save the rest of those marshmallows….

@kitkat68960786 (Yes, the first 68 million were taken!) turned her bathroom sink into a playful pond for the elf and friends. With mini rubber ducks and cups from the party favor aisle, the scene transforms to a pleasant day at the park. Don’t have ducks or cups? Lay him over a sponge raft for a pool party instead.

Your kids probably won’t find him for a while!

For a simple one, tuck the elf into any wreathe you may have around the home. Perhaps he fell asleep while checking the door for Santa. It does look like a cozy, leafy hammock.

This elusive elf doesn’t have to stay inside. Catch him hitching a ride in the tailpipe r or climbing the windshield wipers. Santa has eyes everywhere. Just make sure to help down before taking any trips to the store!

With a little tape and a lot of dimes, this elf is caught eyeing the home piggy bank. Maybe he’s just counting them to make sure they’re all there….

Grab some “friends” and prop him by the windowsill or kitchen table for a sunny morning yoga session. Roll up some kitchen rags or napkins for elf-sized yoga mats. All these hiding spots can be hard to reach so elves have got to stay limber!

Now these are just 7 ideas, with 17 more days of December to fill. We hope you’re inspired to fill in the others. Here are more ideas from the makers of Elf on the Shelf. If so, consider sharing them online or with us (kathy@gardenermedia.com) and you may end up in next year’s list. Happy Hiding! Happy Holidays!

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