Elf on a Shelf

As the kiddos evolve and age… you have to get more clever! Here are some of the best suggestions for elf hiding spots we found on Instagram:

Elf in Microwave

Buzz and Elf

Elf with drums

Elf with bearded man

Elf and Barbie

Here were the 2018 ideas we posted, just in case you missed it!

Ho Ho Ho! Santa has sent one of his elves to see how your little ones are behaving this holiday season. That swift little elf is always getting into trouble and hiding in cool places! Below are SEVEN cool, creative ideas for your mischievous elf:

(Thanks to Samuel L. Scheib of Columbia for photos and ideas)

image001 (2)
These cookies are horrible! Do not leave for Santa!
image005 (1)
You crack me up!
image002 (1)
Elf on a Shelf in Shining Armor astride “Horse with Quite the ‘Do”
image003 (1)
Avast ye!  Keep a weather eye open, matey!
image004 (1)
Be careful how you get me outta here! This looks dangerous!
image008 (1)
My little elf feet are killing me. I hope these kids find me soon.

image006 (2)

image007 (1)
Who you lookin’ at? I didn’t do nuthin. It was that weird lion with the ball.

Thanks again, Sam!

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