Elf on the Shelf


Ho ho ho! Santa has sent one of his elves to see how your little ones are behaving this holiday season. And that swift little elf is always getting into trouble and hiding in cool places! (That elf must be pretty clever!) Below are FIVE cool, creative ideas for your mischievous elf:


Hide your elf among the petals of a Poinsettia plant. Its little red outfit will be camouflaged by the flower’s red petals, and you can position it to peek out from its leaves!

If you have a fish aquarium in your home, put your elf in a plastic Ziploc-type baggie and squeeze out the air, tightly sealing it in, then sink bag into aquarium.

Put your elf in a large mug or a bowl full of mini marshmallows, to look like it’s taking a bubble bath!

The utensil tray in your kitchen is the perfect fit for an elf-sized hiding spot!

Tie your elf to a bunch of helium-filled balloons and see how long it takes to notice it floating near the ceiling!

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